Why It Works


We all know intuitively that it’s hard for kids to learn and behave well in class when they’re feeling tired and sluggish.  But did you know? There’s a growing body of research that shows how physical activity helps not only kids’ health, but also kids’ abilities to learn. The physiological changes from physical activity include increased blood and oxygen flow, and the creation of new brain cells. How cool is that? In fact, when researchers at the University of Illinois took brain scans of students after they took a 20-minute walk versus after they sat quietly, there was significantly more brain activity after the students took a walk. Just see for yourself:

Active Living Research also has a neat infographic here, with additional substantiation of the link between physical activity and learning ability in kids.


Fun is what drives kids. And yet, they spend a lot of the day in school doing things that, let’s be honest, they wouldn’t describe as “fun.” When we created Adventure to Fitness, we decided to join ‘em, not fight ‘em. We bake fun into everything we make. By getting kids to associate fun and entertainment with exercise and nutrition - and showing them how these things really do make each day more fun - we help kids learn to appreciate a healthy lifestyle.


We live in a world that is increasingly digital. So are the kids born into it. By putting our program in a digital format, we reach kids on their level. Our videos and online activities create an interactive framework in which kids play, get active, and understand new concepts. Innovative media makes it possible to motivate educational and healthy desires in our children. Our program draws on that power through friendly characters, high quality animation, compelling stories, and more.


Adventure to Fitness is not about tackling obesity as a dry, academic subject. Our goal is not to be a whistle-blowing organization that only adds to the noise we’ve all already heard. Instead, we aim to provide simple, practical tools that help families be proactive in their daily lives to affect positive change. We believe that most people naturally want to lead healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to enable them to do that with ease and reliability. That is achieved through simple, straightforward education, easily-accessible tools, and fitness instruction everyone can understand.


Kids don’t want to do 50 lunges just for the sake of doing them. But what if they’re doing lunges to help Mr. Marc throw boxes of tea overboard in the Boston Tea party? What if it’s all part of an effort to disrupt an evil plot by their villainous foe, Mr. Lazé? All of a sudden kids are excited to get involved! We believe strongly in what you might call the “hands in the dirt” method of education. By creating thematic educational experiences that allow kids to enter new worlds and affect outcomes in them, we make wellness instruction an active, engaging pursuit.


Adventure to Fitness episodes are designed to help kids integrate concepts into their lives through gradual repetition and reinforcement. Creating stories that congeal around a specific theme, such as climbing Kilimanjaro or exploring New York City, helps kids synthesize learnings across subject areas in an applied format. Much like doing “repetitions” at the gym to build strength in a particular muscle, our adventure episodes operate under the principle that they will be watched more than once. Research finds that with kids - unlike with adults - enjoyment actually increases each time they repeat viewing. Kids like the aspect of being able to anticipate what comes next, and picking up on new elements of the story. The practical advantage is that each time kids repeat-view an episode of Adventure to Fitness, they’re not just enjoying themselves; in addition, healthy habits are getting further ingrained.


Wellness doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens only when the whole community is involved at every level. Primarily, that means forming a strong connection between the school and the home. Adventure to Fitness is the first resource of its kind that connects instruction in school to activities at home, so the adventure doesn’t end when the school day does. With our home streaming products and a suite of resources to lead a healthy lifestyle, kids get the repetition and reinforcement needed to build lifelong habits. The infectious quality of our adventures encourages kids to bring their new habits home - and those that do reap even greater benefits. This translates to better behavior, improved diets, regular sleep schedules, high self-esteem, and exceptional social skills.


From day one, Adventure to Fitness has been built and supported by experts from the parenting, education, medical, and childhood development fields, as well as by real parents, teachers, and kids like you. We understand that no industry remains static for long. That’s why we’re continually incorporating feedback, new research and trends, and additional expert input into our program. We believe that to raise kids that move into the future as healthy adults, we must move with them. So our program is always adapting based on input from the best minds we can find. And we think we’re on to something. As one group of kids at PS 10 in New York City put it, Adventure to Fitness is "the best 30 minutes of the day!"

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