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This week, Adventure to Fitness launched new streaming options for homes with access available via Amazon, Roku, and the company’s website ( Website subscribers have increased access to streaming videos, as well as access to new content each month. Viewers can begin a one-week trial for only $1 and receive access to over 1,000 hours of content.

Dance is more than just about dance - it's about giving back to the community. Thanks to Sarita's Dance Studio, all elementary teachers can now access Adventure to Fitness at no-cost through end of school year through start of 2017-2018 school year to fight childhood obesity in Harlandale ISD in Texas.

Mr. Marc Helps End the School Year in Mega Mode!
Starting at the end of May, the star of the hit children’s “edu-tainment” streaming series Adventure to Fitness, Mr. Marc, began virtually visiting with classrooms around the nation via Skype and Google Hangout. In response to classroom usage, advocacy, and support of the Adventure to Fitness program, Mr. Marc awarded his biggest fans with a special, in-person virtual visit

Prizes promote kids' education & wellness and were provided by Radio Flyer, OshKosh B'gosh, Office Depot / Office Max and Adventure to Fitness

Adventure to Fitness Announces Partnership with Let's Move! Active Schools
Adventure to Fitness is excited to announce its partnership with Let’s Move! Active Schools, a national initiative driven by First Lady Michelle Obama. Let’s Move! Active Schools recommends Adventure to Fitness as an innovative resource to promote physical activity and health education for children. To reinforce Let’s Move! Active Schools’ efforts, Adventure to Fitness will offer special promotions to schools that are part of the Let’s Move! Active Schools initiative.

Adventure to Fitness Releases New Products, Content & Teaching Supplements
Popular kids' online education & fitness platform reveals new Short-form Videos, Content Library, Common Core Correlation Guides, and Branded Merchandise.

Adventure to Fitness Continues Philanthropy Initiative with Crowd-funding Fee Assistance
Popular kids’ online learning & fitness platform to help educators defray crowd-funding costs for annual subscription purchases, beginning in May 2015

Adventure to Fitness Recognized as an Approved Resource Provider for Go! Grants 2015-2016
Popular kids’ online learning & fitness platform is approved as a resource provider to help schools create physical activity projects during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Adventure to Fitness Awards Subscription Donations To Non-Profits Focused on Fighting Childhood Obesity
Recipients of subscription donations to the popular kids’ online learning & fitness program include FitKids360, the Williamson County and Cities Health District of Texas, and the Abundant Life Christian Center – Joy Zone Children’s Ministry.

Adventure to Fitness Childhood Obesity with $15,000 In-Kind Gifts
Kids’ online learning & fitness platform to donate up to $15,000-worth of free subscriptions to charitable organizations during National Nutrition Month

Adventure to Fitness Reports increased Fitness Nationwide During Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
The company was successful promoting increased physical activity in school and at home.

Educators Welcome Adventure to Fitness in San Antonio Public Elementary Schools
San Antonio has become the first school district in Texas to launch an Adventure to Fitness program.

Bloom has partnered with Adventure to Fitness, the nation’s number one educational fitness program for kids, to create a first-of-its-kind, high-profit product fundraiser.

Children’s entertainment star visits Holy Cross School in Bronx, NY
The Archdiocese of New York invited children’s entertainment star, Mr. Marc visit Holy Cross Elementary School on Wednesday, February 24 to address students on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and being physically active. Mr. Marc, is the star of the Archdiocese’s ‘Adventure to Fitness’ online program which gets kids moving, learning and having fun during the school day.

Nine Organizations Join Let’s Move! Active Schools National Collaborative
Today Let’s Move! Active Schools – a sub-initiative of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign – announced nine new organizations have joined its national collaborative, which is aimed at ensuring 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the new norm in K-12 schools.

Brooklyn Catholic School Pilot Writing and Fitness Programs
St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy, a Catholic school in Brooklyn, will begin piloting two new programs within the coming weeks. The school will begin a writing program for middle-schoolers called Writing Roadmap, and a fitness program for pre-K and Kindergarten called Adventure to Fitness.

Get Moving During National Physical Education and Sport Week
We know the benefits of giving children 60 minutes of activity throughout the day. Those students have more focus, perform better on tests, miss less school, and stay out of trouble. With National Physical Education and Sport Week coming up May 1-7, SHAPE America is helping schools across the country celebrate by providing ideas to #MoveInMay!

This Online Video Series Is Fighting Childhood Obesity -- And The Kids Are Loving It
The very same technological innovations that chain us to our office desks have lured our youngest generation indoors. Instead of physically exploring the world around them, many children spend their free time staring at glowing screens. This sedentary behavior is one of the reasons why 12.7 million kids and adolescents in the United States are struggling with obesity today. However, one fitness education program is proving that just because you'd rather be tuned in to the television or computer doesn't mean you can't be moving while you watch.

Scholastic Teachers' Pick
Adventure to Fitness is featured as one of the Top 5 technology tools your kids will love in the Scholastic Instructor magazine. "The fitness program provides standards-aligned videos and activities. Seeing how excited the kids were and the great science and social studies content woven throughout, I highly recommend the subscription,' says Laura Sanots, a second-grade teacher in Los Altos, CA.

Adventure to Fitness goes mobile to wage always-on fight against childhood obesity
Adventure to Fitness is trying to get kids off their butts and moving. The online fitness program for kids launched a mobile platform that provides health and fitness instruction for kids.

Adventure to Fitness interview: Keeping kids fit during cold winter months
With the snowpocolypse that has dumped regularly across the United States it can be hard to find ways to keep kids healthy and fit. Even here in Houston, we have seen our share of cold, wet, raining and sleet days. It may seem too cold for our children to play outside and quite often it's too wet too. The Houston Family Examiner recently had the opportunity to talk to the makers of Adventure to Fitness to find out more about getting and keeping our kids fit and healthy through exercise and activities.

5 Apps and Sites to Escape Brain Drain and Get Kids Ramped Up for Back-to-School
As summer comes to a close, children and parents are gearing up for the new school year -- and as much as we don't like to admit it, Summer Brain Drain is still in full swing. Despite the summer reading lists and math packets that are sent home with children in May, it can be difficult to avoid the summer learning loss that comes along with vacationing on the beach and visits with family and friends.

Short Story - Notre Dame Magazine
If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, could a 30-minute interactive cartoon ease the way to healthy living? Michael Rhattigan ’91, CEO of Adventure to Fitness, believes it can, and more than 20,000 U.S. schools have invested in the idea.

How Can Schools Attack Student Obesity Epidemic?
Schools around this country and the world are looking for ways to support physical fitness while maintaining the tenets of an academically rigorous curriculum. We sat down with Michael Rhattigan, the CEO of Adventure to Fitness, to discuss how schools can better support healthy living habits of their students.

Adventure to Fitness: Tackling Obesity One Generation At A Time
“We’ve learned a lot of lessons in our short lifespan,” says Michael. “Not the least of which is the power of the social enterprise to affect changes on a societal scale. To me, the rapid growth of the company via word-of-mouth alone proves that a for-profit business can cohere with doing social good. In our case, it is precisely our corporate entity that provides the quickest route to seeing positive changes take root in the community.” Read the full article on The Renegade Times.

Fighting Childhood Obesity With Technology: 5 Interactive Tools To Help Children Stay Healthy
Childhood obesity is spreading like wildfire across the United States. In the last 30 years, it has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents. In order to respond to the growing population of sick youth, companies are coming up with computer programs, interactive apps, and even health trackers.

Keeping Kids Healthy and Fit with Tech
Since 2012, one-third of children and adolescents are overweight. Check out some tools to help them get fit.

The Best Active Video Games for Kids
Find out which Wii, Kinect and more active video games our kid testers (and parent readers) loved!

Free Adventure to Fitness membership and Thanksgiving giveaway
Signing up is simple. Go to their website, enter an email address and start with a 30 minute introduction video that gets kids (and you) up and moving.

Adventure to Fitness on Good Day New York
Dr. Roshini Raj, health correspondent for Good Day New York, talks about Adventure to Fitness and the positive side of video games.

Giveaway by
Streaming right to your home, your kids can have access to this fun program where they actively participate in adventures, explorations and games to keep them busy!

Hands On As We Grow
Getting moving indoors is kind of tough sometimes. Lately, its been so hot outside that we can’t really spend too much time out there. And then even when we are out there, the last thing any of us want to do it any amount of work [or running... or anything that will break us out in a sweat].

24/7 Moms
Adventure to Fitness is the leader in educational fitness entertainment for kids. Our award-winning program helps millions of children get active and healthy in a fun and engaging way. Each interactive episode is an exciting journey around the globe that integrates physical activity with health instruction and curricula-aligned lessons in math, science, social studies, and language arts. Our online site provides parents with educational resources and activities, along with expert recommendations to enhance each child’s overall learning and health. Created by leading educators and doctors, it is the first program of its kind that gets kids moving, learning, and having fun!

Colorado Moms
All parents know that we’re supposed to limit our kids’ screen time and encourage at least 30 minutes of active exercise a day, but when it’s raining or pushing 100 degrees outside, what is a conscientious mom to do?

Soleil Solene
With more than a month of summer left, I know it can be hard to not only keep kids occupied, but ensure that they are healthy, active and continue to learn when school’s not in session. If you are a parent struggling with this issue, take your kids on a healthy adventure to keep them learning and get them moving right in your own home with Adventure to Fitness.

Real Housewives NOVA
I know that for the health of my child (and my sanity), I need to get him outside playing, running, biking -- just MOVING -- every day. Sometimes we struggle on those days when it's rainy, or more recently, code red/orange with excessive heat and humidity. We decided to check out Adventure to Fitness after they sent us some of their DVDs.

Planet Weidknecht
I am a huge fan of anything that gets kids off the couch and moving. I'm an even bigger fan of fun activities that teach children important lessons. The Adventure to Fitness series of DVDs is amazing! Every family with children and every classroom teacher needs to get their hands on these fabulous videos.

Fit Pregnancy
A summertime baby can be a treat; with your first few months together spent enjoying the nice weather, relaxing at home and not having to stress over an impending holiday or work-related function. But what about the big brother or sister who is home from school and looking for something to do besides playing with the new baby? Keep older children from falling into a rut with interactive videos you both can enjoy while bonding with baby at home.

Fit For Moms
The Adventure to Fitness episodes have been well received by more than 75,000 teachers, who use them with their students. Now they are available for all of us to enjoy!—and can be purchased as individual DVDs or streaming video. Each episode is not only educational, but it provides a great chance for kids to move around. My almost 4 year old daughter, Audrey, and I watched the Colonial America episode together. Right away she was captivated by Mr. Marc (the host of the episode) and his outgoing personality. While the educational component of the episode was beyond her comprehension, she loved being able to follow his lead and be active while watching a “show.” She had a lot of fun with the interactive approach to the program. “JUMP RIGHT!” She’d hop whenever Mr. Marc did! We were both giggling and enjoying our time.

Your World: Healthy & Natural
I have long been a fan of Adventure to Fitness, the leader in educational fitness entertainment for kids that provides resources to schools and families to help battle the nationwide obesity epidemic.

Our Kids Mom
With more than 75,000 classrooms using Adventure to Fitness, I’m sure that many of your children will know what I’m about to talk about. If not, you are in for a treat! Adventure to Fitness is a 30-minute interactive adventure that takes children on an exciting global journey. During each episode their little arms and feet will climb, jump, run in place, lunge, and more to exercise and respond to the scene throughout the episode… all while learning interesting academic facts. Read more at

Atlanta Moms
Most parents want their kids to be more physically active, myself included. My children are 7 and 13 and I finally cancelled our cable service last year because I couldn’t stand how sedintary they had become. Kids are surrounded by electronic devices like an iPod, iPad, iPhone, XBox, etc.. and they are sitting on the couch for more hours a day than ever before.

Parents' Choice Approved!
Adventure to Fitness blends physical exercise and health information with adventures built around varied themes, including history, foreign countries, and dinosaurs. According to the company website, the series was designed for classroom use as a response to America's childhood obesity epidemic. Nothing in the content is tied to a particular educational curriculum, though, so Adventure to Fitness certainly could be watched and enjoyed at home too.