June 2015

Festive (and deliciously healthy) July 4th Recipes for Your Kids!

4th of July Kid-Friendly Recipes | Adventure to Fitness

viewNode("08fd9d3ff5266", {"server_detection": true, "width": 655, "height": 368, "player_profile": "default-no-ad"});  Independence Day is right around the corner. That means you’re probably getting ready for a fun-filled long weekend with parades and fireworks, many hours spent outdoors with family and friends, and of course - many gatherings and parties to celebrate our wonderful country!

Why we love Professional Development (and you should, too!)

Most can agree that professional development is important, but can be a hassle to put together.  Even though desire is there for meaningful professional learning experiences, often the reality doesn’t always match up to make it happen in a purposeful way for teachers.Here are some interesting facts about PD:1.       More than $18 billion is spent annually on PD for teachers2.       A typical teacher spends 68 hours a year on PD activities directed by districts.3.       Much of this investment is wasted on offerings that teachers say aren’t rele