May 2015

How will you help your kids keep flourishing this summer?

By Colleen Rhattigan-Henckels, “Super Mom” & Adventure to Fitness advisor When I daydream about the ideal summer for my children, lots of things come to mind. I envision them spending endless hours outdoors, getting their hands dirty (digging for salamanders and catching toads), making new friends, playing games that I grew up playing (like sharks and minnows, red-rover, etc.), swimming, fishing, picking and eating blueberries until their tummies hurt, and having fun. Lots of fun!

Get Moving During National Physical Education and Sport Month

Get Moving with National Physical Education and Sport Month!

Even though National Physical Education and Sport Week has passed, there's still time to join the fun throughout the rest of the month!This guest blog post was written by Brian Devore with SHAPE America.We know the benefits of giving children 60 minutes of activity throughout the day. Those students have more focus, perform better on tests, miss less school, and stay out of trouble.

Play It Safe! 5 Storm Safety Tips for Kids

Play It Safe! 5 Storm Safety Tips for Kids

The U.S. has seen its fair share of severe weather this Spring, and it doesn’t look like it will be letting up anytime soon.  We wanted to pass along a few tips to help keep you and your family safe when the weather turns for the worst:1.       Disaster Supply Kit – Whether you purchase one or make your own, make sure your kit includes the following:a.       Flashlight(s)b.       Battery-operated Radioc.       Extra batteriesd.       First Aid supplies like bandagese.

Encourage Kids To Be Active Outside This Spring

Do your kids have spring fever? With warmer weather, longer hours of sunlight and the fresh smells of nature, many kids are longing to be outdoors. Here are some practical tips you can use to encourage your children to release their energy this spring:  Go OutsideIf you want your kids to be more active, get them outside. From running across a field to pickup games of tag and soccer, kids who are outside are lively. Spring is an excellent time to go outdoors, as the mild weather makes it quite enjoyable.