March 2015

Bloom to Boom - 5 Tips for Healthy Kids this Spring

From Bloom to Boom - Spring Safety tips for Kids

Spring has finally arrived! It's time to open those windows and get the kids outside!  But you're not out of the woods just yet.  Below are 5 important tips to helping your kids stay healthy AND safe:1. Sun Safety - the warm sun feels great after being stuck inside all winter.  But it's important to keep that sensitive skin safe.  Always wear sunscreen or some other type of cover up, even on cloudy days.  Making a barrier between the skin and sun can help reduce the risk for skin cancer.2.

How to use Adventure to Fitness at School

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From focus groups and surveys to everyday conversations with our Fit Nation Teachers, here's a quick list of the most common ways Teachers around the world use Adventure to Fitness: Do you use Adventure to Fitness in a way listed above? Or do you have an alternate way that keeps your students active and engaged?  We'd love to hear! Please share and help inspire others!Keep It Moving!