November 2014

5 Healthy and Inspiring Holiday Gifts for Kids

Gifts that kids want and parent approved.With so many gadgets and gizmos available for kids these days, it’s hard to keep up and balance what kids want versus what they need or could really benefit from.  Our team of parents and tech gurus has put together a list of our top 5 favorite gift ideas for kids this holiday season:1.      VTech Inno Tab 3a.       Suggested ages: 3-9 years oldb.      Avg Price: $50c.       This fancy tablet comes with a 180-degree 2.0 MP rotating camera and video recorder that is sure to inspire your future photographer with its 55 photo effects. 

Novembrrr! 5 Fun Indoor Fitness Activities

Unpredictable weather has arrived! Our Physical Activity Experts have helped put together a list of our top 5 indoor games and activities that are sure to keep your kids moving, learning, and having fun!1.       Classic Simon Says Gamea.       Simon Says is a classic game for teachers to play along with their students in the classroom.

Favorite Apps and Sites That Support Learning

14 Apps and Sites That Support Learning

SCHOLASTIC PARENTS: THE LEARNING TOOLKITFavorite Apps and Sites That Support LearningTry these apps to help support your child's learning at home. By Michael Rhattigan on November 14, 2014   I recently covered some positive uses of technology at home.Continuing on that theme to discuss some favorite apps and sites, I recruited a couple people from 

Bring Thanksgiving to Life: Top 5 Thanksgiving Activities for Your Classroom

Bring Thanksgiving to Life: Top 5 Thanksgiving Activities for your ClassroomThis time of year is always full of hustle and bustle.  Most teachers take this time to revisit the Thanksgiving story, perhaps showing short films, or reading special books such as Pilgrims in America by Melinda Lilly, or Life on the Mayflower by Jessica Gunderson. We believe that Thanksgiving is not just a day, but a special season. So we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite activities that help bring the Thanksgiving season to life for classrooms throughout America:     1.

Rainy Day Activities

Energizing Rainy Day Activities

The Adventure to Fitness Team along with Adventure to Fitness Superstar teacher, Ms. Rachel Longoria, have compiled a list of tips and ideas to keep your class engaged and focused on rainy days!When the weather is bad and your class can't go outside, what's your Plan B?  Ms. Longoria, current 5th & 6th grade teacher in Aldine ISD, TX shares her experience how she gets her kids focused:Kids need to expend energy.